A Citizen Based Visioning Effort



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Frequently asked questions about Envision Layton.

Who is invited to participate in Envision Layton?

EVERYONE with a vested interest or living in Layton City.

What is Envision Layton?

Envision LAYTON is a community visioning effort that began with the Layton City Council and Planning Commission looking for a creative and effective way to gather public input in a city-wide planning effort to update the city’s General Plan, which outlines the goals and policies for the growth and development of the city.  

Who is paying for Envision Layton?

Working with a matching grant from the Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC), Layton City has enlisted the help of Envision Utah to facilitate a city-wide public outreach and visioning effort, known as Envision LAYTON.

Who is on the Executive Committee?

Envision LAYTON is guided by a citizen-led Executive Committee appointed by the Mayor and City Council.  The Executive Committee is heading the Envision LAYTON effort and they are committed to a transparent and public process in which citizens can explore the challenges associated with growth and work toward the creation of a long-term vision for the city.

Who is part of the larger Stakeholder Group?

The charge of the Stakeholder Group is to interact with city residents, through a series of Public Workshops, to examine a baseline of growth and create a range of scenarios (snapshots of potential futures) to ultimately select a preferred scenario (or Vision) to guide the growth and development of Layton City over the next 35 years.

How do I become involved in Envision Layton?

A first set of public workshops were held on April 29 and May 5, 2015 at Layton High School, which gave citizens and business owners the opportunity to brainstorm how growth and redevelopment should occur in coming decades.  There is also an opportunity for the public to provide input online through a series of survey questions.   The first public survey will be on the web page through mid June 2015, with other survey opportunities available throughout the process.   A second set of public workshops will take place in early Fall 2015 to present alternative growth scenarios to the public based on input from the workshops in the Spring and input gathered from the web page survey.

Who is Envision Utah?

Envision Utah is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. For more information, explore the Envision Utah website.

What is the desired outcome of Envision Layton?

To understand the will of the people, and ensure that their decisions are reflected in the policy decisions that will affect us, our children and grandchildren.